At Station,
it’s our mission
to connect,
to assist,
to orient
& to scale with your life.

We go beyond the broker experience by working at the pace of your life — mobile, digital, and personal — to help get you on the inside track. No matter where you’re headed, we see where you’re going. We’ll help you get there.

some of us are bilingual

We’re passionate city dwellers with decades of combined experience finding solutions to meet our clients’ real estate challenges with creativity.
We love meeting new people from all over the world, taking the time to get to know what makes them tick. We also love sharing our hard-earned knowledge, and letting you know about our cities’ favorite hidden gems.

Brand Story

Once Upon
A Time…

…there were travel agencies. Folks would hire them before a vacation to help with research, currency exchange, and overall advocacy — anything it took to make a trip as seamless as possible. At Station, we’re something new. We combine the best of travel agencies with the best of real estate companies. Think of us as something new. Think of us as a life agency.

Anything you need in the world of relocation — from listing your home to scouting neighborhoods to finding you a perfect place to live — we’re with you. We work with you at every point along the way. We can flex and scale, no matter your needs.
We are where you are.


At Station, our team’s relocation résumé and rolodex stretch back three and a half decades

At Station, our team’s relocation résumé and rolodex stretch back three and a half decades. Our parent company, Dwellworks, was founded in 2007 to work with relocation management companies (RMCs) and offer destination services like area orientation, home-finding, intercultural training, property management, and more. Then, we created Dwellworks Property Advisors, a real estate brokerage that focused on transferees coming to the greater New York City region. Since then, we’ve worked with businesses around the world, helping them get their people where they need to be with a signature blend of personal care, real estate know-how, and local expertise.

As our team has grown — and as the global economy, the workplace, and workers’ expectations have changed — we saw a major relocation opportunity.

So we created Station. What started as Dwellworks Property Advisors in New York City has spread to vibrant metropolises like Mexico City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. We’re hard at work providing the services and expertise we’ve been delivering to business directly to individuals.

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