Else Bakker relocated from the Netherlands to the Seattle area nine years ago, settling in the city of Bellevue. Knowing her city inside and out is very important to her and has spent a lot of time exploring the area with her children as well as with visiting family and friends. It was a natural next step for her to become a Destination Services Consultant for Dwellworks, the company that helped her find a house and settle in when she relocated to the Seattle area herself.

Now as a Station Cities broker, she connects her clients to the people, places, and information they need when moving. From listing a house or apartment, to finding a new place to live, she knows exactly what has to happen before, during, and after a move. Else has excellent time management and communication skills and a positive attitude, always trying to connect people to achieve the best results.

In her free time Else loves to cook gourmet meals and go on hikes with her family and her black lab. She also is an active member of the Hansje Brinker Guild which is part of the Seattle Children’s Hospital Guild Association whose purpose is to raise funds, to educate others, and to be an advocate for children.