Gus Waite

Managing Broker  |  New York City

Languages Spoken: English, “New York”

Experience: 15-year real estate veteran and was previously the managing director at several large real estate firms

Perfect NYC Day: A perfect day in New York starts with the NY Post and breakfast at the lunch counter at Eisenberg’s coffee shop on 22nd and Fifth (founded in 1929). This is followed by a long stroll down Fifth Ave. to Washington Square in the Village for some leisurely people watching. After that, it’s time to head over to the Film Forum and watch a classic film noir, “Elevator to the Gallows,” with a soundtrack by Miles Davis. Then, head to the east side for a “schvitz” at the Russian Turkish banya; have a bowl of borscht soup, take a quick nap, and then head out to a comedy club!

Favorite NYC Neighborhood: the West Village

Number One Reason I Enjoy Being a Real Estate Agent: I love real estate because I love people, and I love New York. Introducing people who are nervous about moving to the city to the joy and wonder of being here really gets me up and going in this crazy, expensive, energetic, and wildly magical place.

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“Great service and customer experience! Gus screened nice and affordable Manhattan apartments in 1 day and we conducted approximately 8-9 visits in less than 4 hours. I recommend Gus to my friends and colleagues in NYC and also to my employer for mobility and relocation support.”