Born in Osaka, Japan and traveling back and forth to Beijing, Lynn Sun is native in both Japanese and Chinese. Her big city transition from Osaka to Beijing and now to New York City has embedded the city culture, lifestyle, and unique architecture in her life. With a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and Globalization, Lynn understands the sensitivity and respect of the needs of both domestic and international clients.

Prior to joining Station Cities, Lynn worked at an international relocation firm that challenged her to find comfort for her clients while still respecting their natural lifestyles. Whilst in communication with clientele from Fortune 500 companies, Lynn successfully fulfilled the unique preferences of her clients by utilizing her passion in interior design and customer service.

Early in her career Lynn initially worked at a real estate development company and later found her true passion in customer service. As a real estate agent, her top priority is making her clients happy and making each transaction as seamless and successful as possible.