A genuine “people person”, clients appreciate Kate’s honest guidance and her attentiveness as she navigates them through every step of their real estate journey so their decisions are made with confidence. She helps them understand how to achieve the best values possible within the parameters for each of their unique lifestyles and financial goals in addition to providing an experience that is as stress-­-free as possible. 

With her father working as a successful real estate developer and manager during her childhood that was steeped in all aspects of the industry, Kate developed a penchant for real estate early on. 

Learning from the best, she honed her outstanding customer service skills, strong negotiation strategies, and ability to build lasting relationships that today her  clients greatly appreciate. 

Among her diverse attributes, she is licensed in her native Japan in Ikebana-­-the Japanese art of flower arrangements-­-a discipline that affords her the ability to be creative by bringing nature and humanity together graciously through art. 

In her spare time, Kate enjoys exploring various Manhattan neighborhoods with her dog Hunter, discovering the hidden gems from restaurants to parks within each. She also likes to take advantage of the city’s array of local farmers markets, as she has a fondness for epicurean delights and loves to cook.