young couple sitting with moving boxes

Moving into an apartment is exciting. A new neighborhood, a fresh start, and new ideas make for an inspiring process. Moving out is generally a different story. Boxes are hastily packed and suddenly every dent and scratch seems larger than you remembered. Additionally, moving out often occurs during transitional times in life, adding additional stress. Here, we provide a simple checklist of tasks to complete before moving out of your house or apartment.

  1. Inform your landlord. Although vast, the rental community in NYC is close-knit. Ensure you maintain a considerate relationship with your landlord through the entirety of your lease. Check your lease for move-out notification guidelines. Many apartments require at least a 30-day notice prior to moving out.
  2. Plan your timeline. Moving day goes fast. When additional time constraints such as elevator lock-off privileges and moving truck parking allowances are added in the city, it may seem nearly impossible to make the move. Be sure that your belongings are completely packed and any furniture is disassembled if necessary.
  3. Clean your apartment. Units are deep cleaned and restored between tenants but they still must be turned over quickly in the city. It is courteous to complete a basic cleaning routine of your space prior to departing. There should be no trash or broken furniture in any rooms or closets. Wipe down surfaces, vacuum the floors, and leave the unit in a livable condition.
  4. Schedule a walk-through. Many landlords require a damage report to be submitted shortly after moving in. This is the incoming tenant’s opportunity to mark down anything from scuffs on the walls to broken appliances. Before you move out, contact your landlord to take time to revisit this report to avoid damage charges for which you are not responsible.
  5. Transfer utilities. As soon as you know you will be moving out, examine your utility agreements and begin scheduling appropriate shut-off or transfer appointments. Gas and electric may be included in rent, but Wi-Fi is frequently the responsibility of the tenant and may be transferred to your new apartment.
  6. Update your address. Even if you do not receive much mail at your apartment, it is still important to have an updated address on record. At work, log into your employee portal to update your home address to maintain current tax and payroll processing.

No matter how excited you are for your next move, it is essential to move out with as much care and consideration as you had when you moved in. Taking the time to complete the steps listed above will please your landlord and make moving out a breeze. This is especially important when moving around NYC, as some buildings request a reference from previous landlords prior to offering a lease.

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