Five Pro Tips for Moving with Your Kids

Moving with your kids? Exciting. Fun. A little scary. We’ve supported thousands of families through moves, from across the country, around the corner, and all around the world. And while every child and every family is different, there are also shared experiences that can help successfully navigate the change from the familiar to the new.

Here are five top tips from our relocation pros to help your kids look forward to the family’s move and land on their feet.

Get them involved

Make the move feel like something your children are part of , not something that’s happening to them. Let them in on  making decisions about what to pack…especially for that first night in the new home, and on picking out the new home and how to decorate their rooms. Plan a ‘welcome’ tour of the city and organize a special day to get familiar with their new surroundings.

Keep up familiar routines

Moving doesn’t have to disrupt daily life. Every family has routines that are comforting and provide continuity in a new location. Bedtime, playtime, and meals together can all ‘move’ with you. A sense of familiarity will make adjustment easier.

Navigate the new together

Settle in, get the routine in place and then set out to explore your new neighborhood and city. Parks, museums, festivals, block parties all await! Find a few events to explore together, invite a new friend along, and establish new connections in your new hometown.

Make new friends, but keep the old

“One is silver and the other’s gold” as the nursery rhyme says. It’s a big deal to leave dear friends behind. Staying in touch brings comfort to parents and children alike. Encourage your kids to stay close to old friends through phone calls, video chats, or even writing letters. Doesn’t everyone love getting a card in the mail?

Be there for them

Change is challenging for everyone, no matter how exciting. Expect your kids to go through the same cycle we all do:  some resistance, some anxiety, maybe some anger and sadness. Lean in as they learn their way in a new environment. Adapting to new circumstances takes time and working through that together is the best way to ensure success.

In our experience, relocating to a new city is a challenge for everyone involved and it makes good sense to pay special attention to your children in a time of change, uncertainty, and transition. Good things are in store, but they’ll also have emotions and issues to work through. So, involve them in the move, stick with comforting routines, head out to explore the city together, stay connected with familiar friends, and expect a period of adjustment that you work through together. Welcome to your new home!