Karen Ebroon

Broker, North Shore  |  Chicago

Languages Spoken: English, Hebrew

Experience: I’ve been a broker since 2017. Prior to that, I was a buyer for a few catalog companies as well as Macy’s.

Favorite Thing About Living In Chicago: I love how down to earth the people are here and how easy it is to meet new people every day. You can walk into any store or park and just pick up a conversation with anyone that can lead to valued friendships.

Favorite Chicago Landmark: The Bean!

Interests: Cooking, exercising (I love Bar Method), and traveling with my family

Number One Reason I Enjoy Being a Real Estate Agent: My favorite thing about being in real estate is connecting with my clients and creating a personal relationship that goes beyond just finding them a home.

Let’s Connect: karen.ebroon@stationcities.com  |  +1.773.294.5882  |  LinkedIn