“The true New Yorker secretly believes that people living anywhere else have to be, in some sense, kidding.” — John Updike

Michael Facey is a New Yorker, born and bred. He is an artist and avid foodie with an affinity for working with people from all walks of life; this is enhanced by his background in hospitality which informs his approach to the varied needs of his clientele. He has an in-depth knowledge of neighborhood spots from coffee shops to pubs, farmers markets to food co-ops, and he makes sure his clients are well-informed about the neighborhood they choose to create their home in.

Michael has been involved in the New York Real Estate market for over 12 years and is happy to provide tours to newcomers to the city to help familiarize them with this great metropolitan area. Patient, attentive, and adept at putting himself in his client’s shoes, Michael will work tirelessly to make sure his clients transition into their new home is a smooth one.