Stacey Merkl-Wates prides herself on being a hardworking real estate agent who truly listens and cares for her clients needs. Stacey especially enjoys working with clients who are relocating to New York, as relocating is something she has done many times herself. With 3 international moves under her belt, including spending 3 years abroad in Paris, France, she understands the special considerations of clients that are new to this city and to this country.

Stacey is committed to finding her clients the best possible match for their new home and does so with patience and kindness. She promises her clients that they will be helped with integrity, loyalty and trust. This city can be tough- but finding a new home doesn’t need to be!

What Past Customers Are Saying:

"My realtor, Stacey Merkl-Wates, did a phenomenal job at finding me a studio that not only met all of my requested criteria, but went beyond my expectations. As I was apartment searching from Canada, all of my interactions were done via telephone and email with Ms. Merkl-Wates. Within a couple of days Ms. Merkl-Wates was able to find me a studio with my requested lease time, in my primary preferred location, with all of my requested amenities. In addition, Ms. Merkl-Wates was able to accommodate my visit to the city with very short notice, to show me the rental. My family and I were absolutely floored by her efficiency, diligence and professionalism."

"Ms. Merkl has demonstrated strong business acumen, solid industry knowledge, a high level of professionalism and great negotiation skills. Thanks to her good sense of judgement and smooth operation, she placed us in a leading position for several apartments that we liked, and was ultimately successful in allowing us to move into the one that suited us best."

"Ms. Merkl has been well organized, punctual and courteous. We particularly appreciated Ms. Merkl's intercultural competencies, open mind and understanding for us as clients with international background and life style."

"I am so thankful to have had Ms. Merkl-Wates as my agent, and I look forward to working with her again in the future. I truly wish there were more agents like her, and have been recommending her to all of my friends and colleagues."