Tselane Williams is a Realtor for Station Cities, a division of Dwellworks, one of the largest relocation firms in the world focused on helping executives, employees, and their families move throughout the US and abroad.

She began her career after earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Yale University. After a 20+ years career in the Entertainment Industry as a creative executive, she decided to pursue the only other career she had a passion for: Real Estate. Having been a homeowner since she was 21 years old, she accumulated quite a bit of knowledge on homes. Most recently, she was involved with home renovation and house “flipping” and decided to offer her expertise to those wanting to purchase homes. After passing the real estate exam, she reached out to a former music industry colleague who was also an agent and decided to affiliate with her broker.

Real Estate combines all her best skills. First, she loves houses. Second, she is naturally a people person and enjoys interacting with people from all walks of life. Third, with her first career out of college being as a systems engineer and then as a large account marketing representative at IBM, she is quite technically inclined which gives her a heads up in using the myriad of online tools available to help realtors. Fourth, while she is affiliated with a brokerage, she enjoys the independence she has and the ability to make her own decisions regarding her time and activities. Finally, people will always need places to live. She will be able to transfer her knowledge to any state and that gives her a great amount of flexibility to pursue interesting opportunities.

She most enjoys helping people achieve what is arguably one of the most important life milestones: purchasing their first home! It is her pleasing personality and sparkling wit that stays with her clients.

She currently resides in Newark, New Jersey. When she isn’t connecting clients to dream homes, she enjoys music, home renovation, bowling, and mentoring aspiring recording artists and music producers.