While many people like to offer advice about being a good host on Thanksgiving, we thought we’d try something a little different. Being a thoughtful guest at Thanksgiving is just as important. It shows your host that you appreciate the effort they’ve put into hosting a wonderful dinner — and it will ensure that you get invites in the future! Here’s what you need to know to be the best Thanksgiving guest this year.

RSVP early

Wait — you haven’t RSVP’d to your Thanksgiving invitation yet? What are you waiting for? Your host will be spending quite a bit of time planning and preparing. That means it’s important for them to know exactly how many guests to expect. You should aim to respond to the RSVP at least a week or two in advance. So if you haven’t already reserved your spot, get on it!

Ask what you can bring

When you RSVP to your invitation, ask your host what you can bring. It can be so helpful for guests to bring appetizers, desserts, or even a side dish to the meal. Your host may tell you to bring nothing, but it’s always wise to ask.

Make your dietary restrictions known

Are you vegan, lactose intolerant, or allergic to any foods? Then you need to let your host know ASAP. This way, they can plan to have some dishes available that you can eat. This is especially true for Thanksgiving since so many of the traditional dishes include meat, dairy, and other potential allergens. In fact, you can offer to bring a dish that you know you can eat, which will relieve some of the pressure from your host.

Be mindful about the dish you’re bringing

It takes a lot of planning and preparation to pull off a great Thanksgiving dinner. That’s why if you’re bringing a dish, then you should also bring a serving dish and utensils. Don’t assume your host will have the necessary items. Also, if your dish requires fridge or oven space, you should let your host know ahead of time. These spaces tend to get maxed out on Thanksgiving, so they need to be prepared.

Don’t crowd the kitchen

We all want to socialize with the host on Thanksgiving — that’s part of the pleasure of the holiday. But give them some space, especially the hour before the meal is served. That last hour requires a lot of concentration, so avoid crowding the kitchen. This will distract your host and make it difficult for them to complete their tasks. Even better — ask how you can help!

Socialize with everyone

Are there any unfamiliar faces at the party? Then make an effort to introduce yourself. This helps take the burden off your host to initiate all the socializing. Plus, you may end up meeting someone you really like!

Don’t forget a host gift

Finally, you can be your host’s favorite guest by bringing a small gift as a token of appreciation for all their hard work. This can be as simple as a bottle of wine or a scented candle. You can also opt for something more personal like a beautiful cookbook, a bottle of their favorite liquor, or even a gift for their pet!

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