October means pumpkins and leaves! Seattle may not be part of the traditional “breadbasket of America”, but we are fortunate to be in a climate conducive to seasonal bounty of call kinds. Even though we love our summers, fall is especially beautiful here.  Read on to find out where to get a great pumpkin, see the beautiful fall leaves, and when to expect fog.

Why does Seattle get fog?

Local fog occurs under some pretty exacting conditions and the early fall is prime ‘fog time.’  Fog at this time of year occurs when the day is sunny and clear and the nighttime temperature drops. Rogue water molecules are so dense they can’t dissipate into the atmosphere. Because fall fog occurs in these specialized conditions, many’s the morning you’ll wake up to fog, though it’s likely to clear by midday. If you can get “above” the fog on a local hill or in the mountains for a hike you will be in for a treat as you view the fog settling in the valleys.

Local Pumpkin Patches

These are the real deal. There are numerous local pumpkin patches where you can enjoy picking your own or selecting from nice clean grab-and-go gourds. Remlinger Farms in Carnation offers an abundance of fall-themed activities like the steam train, antique car ride, farm animals, small amusement rides, and food. Thomasson Family Farm in Enumclaw not only has a pumpkin patch, but also features interactive activities, laser tag, and a corn maze. Head up north and enjoy Swan Trail Farms, beautifully situated along the Snohomish River. This farm includes pumpkins and also ‘you-pick apples and a huge Washington State corn maze which can be explored in scavenger hunt fashion.

Fall Leaves

October is the month the leaves start to change colors. In this area you will see vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows in blazing fashion for a few weeks. The most popular place to explore fall foliage is the Washington Park Arboretum located near the University of Washington. Stroll the grounds or visit the Japanese Garden. Kubota Garden in the Rainier Beach neighborhood began as a personal garden for a legendary landscape artist. Now it’s a city park for you to appreciate. Leaves can be seen almost anywhere. Consider neighborhood drives and local hikes in October. The prime time to see the changing leaves is mid-month (earlier at higher elevations and later in the month at lower ones).

October Home Tip

Clean up those leaves! As the weather shifts to our fall pattern of wind and rain, it is important to stay strong on your yard clean-up efforts. Usually, you can stop mowing your lawn by October, but leaves, branches, pine needles, and other debris should be picked up throughout the fall. If left unattended, these will wreak havoc on your roof, gutters, and grass. Leaves suffocate the lawn trapping in moisture. Acidic needles and leaves can wear down your roof diminishing its lifespan. Clogged gutters lead to poor drainage from your home which can cause exterior rot in various locations.  Plan a fall clean-up day and reward yourself with a leaf tour or pumpkin patch hunt. Enjoy the season!

By Shelly Bean, Managing Broker