We get it – moving is no fun. And when you couple that with winter weather it can be even less so. But when you’re buying or selling a home, moving is part of the deal. Fortunately, there are ways that you can make your upcoming winter move less stressful. If you’re packing boxes and planning a winter move, then here’s what you should do to keep your sanity.

DIY what you can to save money

One of the things that makes moving so stressful is that it can be expensive. Saving money is important to many people who are moving to a new place, especially when inflation is in the news every day. You can save money on your move by taking a DIY approach. That means packing your own boxes, loading them into a moving truck, and driving it all to your destination. While it can make your life busier, it gives you more control over your time and your spending.

Start early

Another way to keep your sanity intact during a move is to get an early start. This means beginning preparations for your move before you even list your home for sale. Go through all your belongings before you pack so you can sell, donate, or toss items that you no longer need. Pack up personal belongings you won’t need to use over the next few months and put them in storage. Not only will you have fewer boxes to pack right before moving day, but your home will also be less cluttered and more attractive to buyers.

Take breaks

Prepping for a big move is a marathon, not a sprint. You can’t keep chugging along without a break sometime during the process. Incorporating downtime into your schedule is critical for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Take a weekend off to watch movies or go for walks. Renting a moving truck for several days or even a moving pod for a month or two so you can slowly load up your belongings will make your life easier. And when you get to your destination, take your time unpacking. Go out and explore your new neighborhood and meet your new neighbors.

Ask for help

Even if you fully DIY your move, it doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Start calling in those favors you’ve been banking. You don’t have to ask people to help carry heavy boxes for you, either. People can help with your move in a variety of ways including taking your dog for a walk, watching your kids for a night, or picking up a pizza order for you.

Keep an eye on the weather

Finally, the weather can be more unpredictable in the winter months. So keep an eye on the forecast as moving day approaches. If you get snow in your area, then keep driveways and walkways clear of snow. Protect your floors from dirt and slush. Have a backup plan in case poor weather makes it impossible to drive on moving day. And be sure to have your utilities turned on at your destination before you arrive.

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