Sindi has made the settling in process an extremely easy and personal

Sindi has made the settling in process an extremely easy, personal and
enjoyable experience. She did this in the following ways:
– she was professional and on time with all our meetings as well as
being highly responsive via phone and email
– she builds and sustains great relationships with people. This
includes myself as well as other key people that help facilitate the
process including the bank manager, landlord and agents.
– she goes above and beyond what is expected of her, including house
searches, advice on local areas, insight into how the city works,
advice on wider elements of settling in like mobile phone contracts
etc. and giving us a tourist guide to the city.
– she is enjoyable and interesting to work with making all our
encounters enjoyable experiences
– she is highly efficient with her work and processes things quickly
and effectively. An example of this was getting my lease processed and
signed. She drove the process and ensured frequent contact with the
agent to make sure I was first pick in a competitive process
– she has very good knowledge of the city the banking, SSN and house
search process and was able to answer all the questions I had about

All in all it was a fantastic and effortless experience and I wanted
to express my gratitude to Sindi

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