Before working with Carole Armstrong, we had no idea that the process of selling our apartment could be as easy or friendly as Carole made it. Professional and amiable from beginning till end, Ms. Armstrong negotiated a fair deal for our home and helped make the process stress-free for us; which typically is not the case.

She handled everything (the paperwork, negotiations, board package and walk-through) in such an efficient manner, even having been the one to contact us about interested buyers for our home, that we hardly had to do anything but sign off on her wonderful work. If we had any questions she was quick to respond, always being there for any concerns. Anything we needed answered, she was there with terrific advice and knowledge.

Carole made everything simple for us. Right before the closing, when there was a small hiccup in the deal, Carole reached out to us and we came up with a solution; after which, the day before closing, she selflessly gave up part of her commission to ensure both sides would be happy and the deal would close.

Ms. Armstrong is nothing short of miraculous at what she does and it’s frankly a miracle we received her letter and ended up with her representing us. Truly a fantastic person who is spectacular at what she does. There is no one I could recommend more to work with than Carole. – jbindeck

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