I write to enthusiastically endorse Carole Armstrong to be your realtor. After spending nearly a year with two different brokers, attempting to either sell or rent my Central Park West townhouse, I was beyond frustrated and considering an offer of $3.3 million. Carole educated me to the fact that the property was not being effectively marketed and that the price I was asking was too low. Upon giving her the listing, she immediately remarketed it, with a more elegant description, a higher price, and maximized exposure in the marketplace.

In less than a month, Carole procured two all cash offers, both substantially higher than any prior offer, and one for over $4 million. After gleefully telling her to accept the highest offer, she advised me that it was too low and negotiated an additional $225,000 from the buyer. Carole got me over $1 million more than the offer I considered before hiring her.

After I accepted the offer, Carole continued to guide me throughout the process, working tirelessly to assist me in making sure that everything necessary was provided to my attorney and the buyer’s attorney, as well as the cooperative board of my townhouse. This was not an easy task because I was out of country for most of the time and had to rely upon her to coordinate things.

Always positive, prompt, honest, responsive, and focused on results, Carole is far and away the best realtor I have ever encountered. Do not hesitate to put your trust in her.

Kenneth B.

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