Phil did a really outstanding job finding a new apartment or my wife and I in NYC. We arrived in New York with a very clear understanding of our requirements, we also had gathered a number of misconceptions prior to arrival from the plethora of estate agency sites which offer completely false and misleading postings of properties which simply don’t exist or are only posted to attract enquiries under false pretense.

I was most impressed with Phil’s ability to calmly and politely manage those expectations whilst still holding true to the fact that our vision for ourselves was not unobtainable, his honesty and communication skills really came to the fore. His work ethic and dedication are faultless and ultimately they paid off as we have now secured a great apartment which I believe is a terrific compromise between expectation and reality giving us everything we needed and wanted whilst keeping within a reasonable tolerance of our budget. We are personally very grateful to him for his time and effort and not only would I recommend him widely, I would do so to close friends and my own family. From me that is praise indeed.


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