Sonali and Pinak – Stephen Maycock

Stephen is one of the most hard-working, genuine, professional and caring brokers we’ve had the honor to work with, and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else by our side. I’ll be the first to admit that I have very set requests and a high standard, and Stephen made sure all my “boxes were checked” before sending me a property to review. I love how relentless Stephen was on our behalf to find the rental property that best fit our needs not just four years ago, but this summer as well. He’s incredibly intuitive at reading what his client needs are and filling them. He made the entire process so easy for us (renting in NYC is anything but easy!), and being busy with two little kids that meant the world to me.

It’s not often you work with someone and they leave a lasting impression that you’ll miss them once the work is done. When the time comes to move again, we look forward to working with him again!

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