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Phone apps can come in handy when exploring a new city or country

As any experienced traveler knows, finding reliable information about a foreign destination can be tricky. Those moving for work may have a hard time adjusting to their new home, but these struggles don’t have to be a part of the relocating experience! When living or traveling to Mexico City, you can ease the frustrations of everyday life with the help of a smart phone and some useful mobile apps.

Below are some of the most essential apps to use when living in Mexico City:


Everyday Life/Culture

Spotted by Locals
This app features offline guides of cities that are created by the local population. The guides are packed with locations to find the best music, shopping centers, bars, restaurants, and general places of interest to experience the city’s vibrant culture.

Mexico City Maps and Walks
Exploring Mexico City on foot is made simple with this handy app which is full of self-guided walking tours and routes ranging in distances.

Mexico City Guide: Travesias Stylemap CDMX
(iPhone only) This app is a tightly-curated city guide to discover the best that Mexico City has to offer. Frequent updates include a careful selection of the best restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, shopping and more.

Meetup is a great way to explore any city while making new friends. Users can discover groups that are into similar interests and meet up to do the things they enjoy, helping to keep the conversation going.

SkyAlert is arguably one of the most practical apps to have when living or staying in Mexico City. As a city that’s prone to earthquakes, SkyAlert works by sending a warning minutes before an earthquake hits, giving users a chance to find shelter.


Restaurants/Food Delivery

Rappi allows those staying in Mexico City the option of ordering a plethora of items through this app, from food to household items to pharmaceuticals. Items are guaranteed to be dropped off within the hour.

UberEats is the leading food-delivery app, allowing users to order meals to be delivered from many nearby restaurants.

Mexico City for Food Lovers
(Apple only) This attractive Triptale app features reviews on the best Mexico City dining options and culinary experiences, handpicked and curated by local foodie Angelica Vargas.

Yelp is most popular for its restaurant reviews and locator, but users can also use it to search for nearby shops and businesses of interest.



With the mPassport mobile app, world travelers have convenient access to the best local doctors, hospitals, and resources.

Doctoralia provides a platform for users to find healthcare services, allowing them to search for healthcare centers in their immediate location, or by name, city or zip code. The app also provides reviews, appointment booking options, and contact information.


Getting Around

Mexico City Metro Map & Route Planner
The Mexico City Metro Map & Route Planner app is essential for anyone living or visiting Mexico City. It gives an intuitive, detailed map of the metro network and allows users to plan their route, even when offline.

Moovit is another free app that comprehensively covers the public transportation network of Mexico City. The only downside to this app is that it doesn’t work offline but being online will allow it to automatically track the user(s)’ location and find the best route.

Just like in the US, Uber is the go-to app when needing a private driver. Getting around Mexico isn’t always easy, but with Uber, people can get around efficiently and at a fair price – two things that taxis within the city don’t always offer.

Covering the extensive bicycle rental system in Mexico City, the Ecobici app lets users search for available bike stations, trace travel routes, report incidents or consult bike path maps.

Similar to Uber, Cabify is a rideshare app that allows users to book drivers through their phone. All drivers are rigorously vetted to high-quality standards to ensure safety.

Another popular rideshare app, Didi allows users to book private drivers through their phone, ensuring a safe ride wherever they’re headed.



Google Translate
Google Translate allows users to translate between 103 different languages, including 52 while offline. Other features include instant camera translations, conversation mode, handwriting character translations, and a common phrase book.

Duolingo helps users practice their Spanish speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills from beginner to advanced levels. Users improve their vocabulary and grammar skills by answering questions and completing lessons.

Babbel focuses on teaching basic interactions in a chosen language and seeks to help users remember what they’ve learned by identifying personal learning styles. Testimonials state that 73% of users claim being able to have a short, simple conversations in their new language within 5 hours of using the app.

This app allows users to interact with other users via text, phone, or video calls for free using an internet connection, which is idea for keeping in touch with people overseas without worrying about expensive calling charges. WhatsApp is very popular with Mexico City locals.

SpanishDict Translator
A free Spanish dictionary available in the app store with the highest-quality Spanish-English dictionaries, interactive Spanish word games, phrasebooks, and more.



XE Currency
This app allows users to make multiple, ultra-fast currency conversions at the same time and refreshes its currency rates every 60 seconds to ensure that conversions are always accurate.

Unit Converter
(Apple Only) This app is an extremely accurate unit and currency converter that includes currencies (which are updated daily), lengths, weights, clothing sizes and temperature, meaning users will never have to get frustrated with measurement system conversions.


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